4 Technology Platforms For Successful Chiropractors

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    Cloud-Based EHR System

This cloud-based system  is known for having the #1 user interface because of its simplistic, yet comprehensive S.O.A.P. note system, streamlined billing processes and it real-time statistical dashboard empowering you with the data necessary to build the practice of your dreams.

VitaLogics EHR is a software with a higher purpose because of its built-in “research bridge”. This cutting-edge technology provides the ability to pool anonymous patient results from thousands of chiropractic offices around the world into one database designed for research. Life University Research Department and VitaLogics have teamed up to validate chiropractic through an aggressive research agenda. Your utilization of VitaLogics provides you the opportunity to contribute to the research needed to validate your profession.

VitaLogics Signature EMR™ - Click to View
VitaLogics Signature EHR™
Social Publisher Pro™
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    Social Media Manager

There are certainly very large chiropractic practices that hire a full time social media manager. But the truth is, most offices cannot afford this expense, however this doesn’t mean that they need to operate at a disadvantage to their competitor.

Social Publisher Pro gives you the social media boost you need to keep your current patients engaged while increasing your new patient acquisition. Don’t let its simple and user-friendly interface overshadow it powerful practice-building potential. This hassle-free social media and directory management system will save you hundreds of hours a year in time and frustration while generating massive online exposure. It is almost guaranteed to cost you more money not to buy this system.

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    Animated Report of Findings

ChiroCase™ offers a cutting-edge, 3D animated view inside the human body. After you complete your animated report of findings, your patients will truly be able to understand their condition and will have an enhanced value for the care you will provide them.

Think about how easy practice would be if you could sit down beside your patient and teach them through a Hollywood-quality, condition-focused, animated presentation. The cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” definitely applies to patient education. ChiroCase™ makes educating patients easier, more fun and considerably more effective.

Chiro Case™

Health Secrets TV™
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    Reception Room Education

Take advantage of the opportunity to educate and motivate your patients into a chiropractic lifestyle. Health Secrets TV is the most dynamic chiropractic broadcasting platform on the market utilized in reception rooms across the nation. Enjoy well-educated patients who refer patients and buy products from your office because of their education from Health Secrets.

Professionally produced videos, animations and educational slides are broadcasted seamlessly from the web to our subscribers using a simple monthly subscription service. Health Secrets TV also provides the ability for you to customize your monthly show with your own animated slides, YouTube videos and more.

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Dr. Joseph Esposito has been a pioneer in the chiropractic industry in regards to product and systems development. His extensive academic and clinical training has afforded him the insight to understand the needs of a chiropractor in regards to clinical application, office protocols, integration of technology and patient education.