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  • Cloud-Based Technology
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The Last EMR System

The product is known for having the #1 user interface because of the simplicity, speed and comprehensive note taking Macro for the busy doctor. Chiropractic EHR software has never been this intuitive.

Additional features include the Practice Diagnosis statistical dashboard, one-click reporting systems, self check-in, text/email appointment reminders and much, much more.

Feature Packed

  • Text and Email Reminders

    Increase patients’ compliance to your recommendation with customizable email and text message appointment reminders.

  • Patient Self Check-In

    Patients not only check themselves in, but they can also complete a survey each visit that can be pulled right into the subjective part of the SOAP note.

  • Integration with Top CRM, Marketing and E-Commerce Software

    VitaLogics has a custom integration with Infusionsoft, the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce.

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Industry Leading Suport

  • Live Support

    Chat, phone and email.  We provide 3 options for support so you can chose which option suits you best.

  • Comprehensive Video Library

    Access to a comprehensive video library 24 hours a day!  Videos are short, focused and key worded to quickly find answers.

  • New Employee Training

    Most software companies stop training after the initial installation.  VitaLogics provides training to any new employee joining your team.


Hosted in the Cloud,
VitaLogics EMR™ provides you instant access to your software from anywhere.

Create complex care plans and automate the collection of patient payments.

  • Care Plan Builder

    Create unlimited care plans with adjustable plan and visit periods to provide the best flexibility possible.

  • Automated Payment Processing

    Make collecting payments seamless for your patients. Set upfront discounts by % or set amount, set payment terms for extreme flexibility

Unlike other software, VitaLogics EMR integrates your care plan with an automated payment system, with the capability to extend the care plan when patients miss appointments and alerting you when care plans are ending.

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Schedule appointments, access patient files and view ledgers all in one screen

  • Recurring Appointments

    Easily create and manage appointments in our next-generation drag n’ drop calendar interface that allows you to schedule an entire care plan in the same time it takes to schedule 1 appointment.

  • Cusotmized Patient Letters

    Customized, templated letters are easily created and stored right in the patient’s file.

  • One-Click Rebill

    Rebill outstanding insurance claims right from inside the patient’s ledger.

Create detailed SOAP notes in a flash

  • Instant Creation

    It’s almost magic how quickly a doctor can create SOAP notes and document consultations and physical exams.

  • Fully Customizable

    Create notes the way you want them with fully customizable buttons and configurable macros.

  • Easy To Use Touch Technology

    Fully compatible with today’s modern touch screen PC’s as well as iPads and tablets.

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Without statistics there is no way to measure the success of your business. The VitaLogics Practice Diagnosis allows owners and managers to see a detailed breakdown of every aspect of their practice from Total Collections to a breakdown of referral sources.

Plan, Analyze and Execute with Amazing Detail and Accuracy

  • Increase Your Conversions

    Prospect Management System to drive the conversion of Prospects into true New Patients.

  • Real Time 360° Business Analytics

    Practice Diagnosis statistical dashboard for real time statistical analysis for business management. Give your practice the upper edge.

  • Rolling 12 Month Statistics

    VitaLogics calculates financial statistics in a way to ensure the data is useful.  By using a rolling 12 month calculation, it reduces the volatility of certain stats to show accurate trends.

Chiropractors & Health Care Professionals
Love VitaLogics EMR™

Dr. Chad Updike D.C.

I've been just blown away with VitaLogics & how easy the transition was moving from the software I was using to VitaLogics.

Dr. Chad Updike D.C., Waunakee, WI
Dr. Brettney Ramsour D.C.

Vitalogics is the complete package and after five software conversion in my career, I am finally done!

Dr. Brettney Ramsour D.C., East Stroudsburg, PA
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EMR Basic
$199/ month
  • 2 User License
  • VitaLogics EMR Base Package
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Daily Secure Back UP

*requires $397 initial set-up and training fee

EMR Platinum
$379/ month
  • 5 Users
  • VitaLogics EMR Base Package™
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Daily Secure Back Up
  • Care Plan Module
  • Self Check-In
  • Text / Email Reminder
  • Documenter (Report Generator)
  • X-Ray Module
  • Practice Dx (Statistics Module)
  • VitaLogics Marketing Automation™
  • API Level Infusionsoft Integration

*requires $397 initial set-up and training fee

You Have Our Full Support
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It’s time to stake your ground. VitaLogics EMR™ is a very powerful practice management tool built to skyrocket your practice and overall your patients experience.

VitaLogics offers top level support and we are on standby if you need assistance quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconCan I access my EMR software from home or from a screening event?

    Yes. VitaLogics EMR™ software is cloud based, therefore, you can access your EMR software from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

  • q-iconDoes VitaLogics EMR™ have a billing module in addition to a SOAP note module?

    Yes indeed. The VitaLogics billing module is available on Pro and Platinum Plans for simple Bill Batch Creation and EOB posting to compliment the fully customizable SOAP note macro.

  • q-iconWhat statistics does VitaLogics EMR™ allow me to calculate?

    VitaLogics EMR™ gives you the ability to calculate your Collections, Services, New Patient Conversion %, PVA, Total Visits, Patient Income Average, Missed Appointments and many more!

  • q-iconCan I upgrade to the higher subscription plan after I purchase?

    Yes absolutely! When you are ready to add even more functionality to your current EMR subscription you can simply contact our support team to upgrade you immediately.

  • q-iconDo you have auto text and email reminders?

    We do! We have the ability to send both a text and email a certain time prior to their appointment providing them with a reminder. You can also send a text follow up when the patient has missed an appointment.

  • q-iconDo I have to have an Infusionsoft Account for the Platinum Package?

    Yes, the platinum package will integrate directly into your Infusionsoft application. Our team will install pre-built custom campaigns to use for your marketing automation.

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